Oh hello there! Im Alex Su and welcome to my food and travel blog!

A bit about me: 

By day, I work in the pharmaceutical world. By night/early mornings (rarely), I am a cyclist, crossfitter and food enthusiast! Eating is my favorite hobby. I love experimenting with new recipes and discovering hole-in-the-wall places off the beaten path. However, my favorite thing about food is introducing friends to new cuisines and connecting people through full bellies.  To me, food is our common ground; a universal experience that brings people together on numerous levels. My hope is to share with you my culinary shenanigans both at home and wherever the road leads me. 

Other members of the blog:

My fiancé wife Selma and I recently moved from Boston to Philadelphia for school and work. This blog wouldn’t be possible without her. She is my best friend, the resident baker, and the editor-in-chief of this whole operation. We also have a chocolate lab named Willow. She is our resident taste-tester and quality assurance specialist. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoy eating my way through them.

Live. Eat. Drink. And then eat some more.