Random Things We Did This Weekend

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Once again, i apologize for the latency of this post. Things have been crazy busy this week with work and trying to be a real adult. But this post will serve as a recap as to what’s been happening over the past few weekend!

Wedding Caterer Tasting

A few weekends back, we finally made some progress on the wedding planning front. We’ve been doing some haphazard planning here and there but we finally nailed down an amazing caterer and our photographer! We even managed to schedule our tasting on Valentine’s Day! So not only did I not have to plan a V-Day dinner, we also got to taste our menu that we picked out for the wedding! Double win. 

Now when they said “tasting”, we thought it was just going to be, well, a tasting (i.e. small samples of everything we picked out). Wrong. Little did we know, we were in for a full 3 course meal consisting of two salads and 3 full sized entrees. 


Our caterer, Company’s Coming Catering, is located literally 2 minutes down the street from where we live so on that chilly Saturday night we made our way down to their office. They used to have a small restaurant but they since turned it into their office and tasting room. 


We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening. Everything was set up just for us in this beautifully decorated tasting room. 


And before we knew it, the food started coming out one dish after the next. 

IMG_8200 IMG_8198

And what’s a nice romantic dinner without throwing some color swatches into the mix. 


Unfortunately, we made the mistake of eating dinner at her parents a few hours before but they were gracious enough to pack us up our leftovers…which we gladly accepted. 

IMG_8203 IMG_8205

This was the perfect way to spend the evening and we are so excited for everyone to try the food at the wedding!!!

She Said Yes To The Dress

Although I’m not allowed to see the actual pictures, I can share this one with everyone. Another item checked off of the wedding to-do list! 


Adding A Furry New Member To Our Family

We’re SOOO excited to announce that next weekend, we will be adding a new member to our family! But I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet so you’ll have to wait until next weekend to see her! 


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