Makers Mark 2015 Ambassadors Holiday Gift

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Every year around this time, I look forward to two things. 1) Christmas trees. 2) My Maker’s Mark Ambassador gift! If you remember my post from last year, then you’ll remember that the Maker’s Mark elves sent an awesome little Maker’s 46 scarf to keep my bottles warm through the terrible northeast winters. This year, they stepped up their game and sent not one but TWO gifts! Awesome sauce!!!

But before we get into it, I’ll briefly run through the highlights of the program for those of you who are interested. But for those of you who just want to see what Old Saint Maker’s brought this year, you can just scroll on down. 

Perks of the program: 

  1. It’s totally FREE. That’s right, there’s no catch. 
  2. You get your name put on a barrel of whisky and an invitation down to the distillery when it’s ready.
  3. Invitations to special FREE events in your area.
  4. A fantastic gift each year…for you guessed it…FREE! 

Ever since becoming a Maker’s Mark Ambassador a few years back, I’ve been consistently wowed by the the amount of effort they put into this program. Considering this is a totally free program that anyone can join, they really make you feel like you’re apart of something very special. And this year is no exception! I didn’t know how they were going to top their scarf from the previous year but they’ve done it again. 


To start, as with everything they send, there’s always a lovely note from Rob Samuels. 


This year, they sent two gifts. One for you and the other for your Maker’s Mark bottle! How thoughtful! 


These mini ear muffs are by far the cutest things ever….


I’m not sure how they’ll top this gift next year but I can’t wait to see what they think of down there in Loretto, KY! 


If you want to find out additional info on the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program, you can head over to this post and learn how you can sign up to become an Ambassador yourself. It’s probably too late to get a gift this year but at least you will be prepared for next year! Plus, you can begin the 5-7 year aging process for your barrel!

And with that, thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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