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So you may recall that Selma and I got engaged a few months ago back in Boston before we made our big move to Philly. Well ever since then, we’ve done exactly nothing in terms of planning for the wedding besides the occasional joke here and there about getting a tax break when we do eventually tie the knot. Well last weekend we finally got our act together and started looking at potential venues. Well only one venue to be exact…but first some background info.

Before we even started talking about venues or dates, Selma and I always knew we wanted a fall wedding because:

  1. Fall is the best season ever
  2. The weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding
  3. Fall is the best season ever

All that we had to figure out now was where and which date we wanted it to happen. Also, if you recall, Selma is now in Med School so there’s really not a perfect time to get married…or even any time to plan a wedding at all for that matter. But just like taking the MCAT or any big exam, if you don’t have a deadline, you’re probably never going to start preparing for it. So that’s why we knew we needed to quit dragging our feet and finally set a date. 

And now onto the good stuff…


I happened to come across Morris Arboretum on the interwebs one morning while doing a quick Google search for venues around us and immediately fell in love with everything about the place. It’s only a 15 minute drive from our house and fit the bill perfectly in terms of availability, location and budget. So the next day I set up a visit for us to check out the venue in person.

IMG_0177 Once we set foot on the property we sort of already knew that this was the one…well at least I did since I really didn’t want to look at any other ones 🙂 But in all seriousness, this place was gorgeous. They had everything from swan ponds to fountains and even an amazing rose garden. It was honestly the perfect venue for a fall wedding. 


Plus, this venue offers several different locations for you to have your ceremony AND you get the entire 92 acre property for the ceremony and reception! 



By far the coolest/most unique aspect of this venue was the Out on a Limb feature for the cocktail hour. It’s essentially a 50ft high adult tree house complete with rope nets. Needless to say, we were immediately sold by this point. 2015-11-08 14.27.12

Tree house + crazy friends + open bar = awesomeness. This could either be a really good idea or a really bad idea…

2015-11-08 14.28.51

Anyways, we’re soooo excited that we found the perfect venue and finally set a date! We will be going back soon to take some real pictures and plan out the day so be on the look out for follow-up posts throughout the wedding planning process!!

2015-11-08 14.46.16

And now the real fun in the wedding planning process begins…..and y’all can help by letting us know which wedding hashtag you prefer! 

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