Random Things We Did The Past Few Weekends

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Firstly, I would like to apologize for the lack of new content on the blog. Things have gotten pretty busy at work and unfortunately the blog has been neglected. Now that things have settled down a bit, I can commit some more time to the blog and experimenting with new recipes!

But before we get into any new recipes, here is a glimpse of the delicious craziness that we partook in over the past few weekends!

Headed back to Boston for a Wedding! 

First stop, Selma and I headed back to Boston for an amazing wedding weekend with friends. Even though it’s only been a few months since we moved away, it feels like it’s been forever. Our good friends Mike and Natty were getting married so we packed up our dancing shoes and headed back to Beantown for an unforgettable weekend.  

2015-10-11 16.55.09

Our only plans for the weekend were the wedding so every other plan was made on the fly. To be honest, it was a little weird being back in Boston with nothing on the agenda since over the past 8 years it seemed like we always had something we needed to do. But naturally, we did what we do best….eat! We hit up all of our Boston favorites including Fins… 

2015-10-08 13.16.31-1

Twin Donuts…

2015-10-09 11.42.25-1

Pho Viet for Viet subs…

2015-10-09 12.36.572015-10-09 12.38.30

And the North End for some delicious family style Italian cooking. 

2015-10-09 19.13.422015-10-09 19.49.41

And of course the main event of the weekend, the wedding! I think it goes without saying that we had a fantastic time. Best. Wedding. Ever. 

2015-10-10 22.45.312015-10-11 16.33.502015-10-11 16.33.592015-10-11 16.34.09

Selma and I are so happy for these two newlyweds and we wish them a lifetime of happiness! 


Oh, and this has to be the coolest groomsman gift of all time!!!


Headed to Seattle for an engagement! 

The next weekend we repacked our bags and headed west to Seattle for a surprise engagement visit. Our good friends Samir and Ashley were kind enough to fly all the way over for our engagement so the least we could do is return the favor. Plus, we love Seattle so any excuse to return is a good enough excuse for us. 

2015-10-15 19.06.10

With the time difference and the long flight, we landed at 1AM our time. So obviously the only thing to do was to get breakfast. Good thing McDonald’s has all day breakfast now! 

2015-10-15 22.36.292015-10-15 22.36.07

But onto the main reason we traveled all this way. The plan was to set up a picnic by the Gas Works Museum overlooking downtown Seattle and for us to hide in the background and snap some pictures of the big moment. Needless to say, the engagement went without a hitch! Except now they are getting hitched…so yay!


The rest of the weekend was dedicated to doing a whole lot of eating. Since we’ve been to Seattle a few times already, we’ve done all of the normal touristy things so we focused on eating as many delicious things as possible. So naturally, we made it a point to start off our eating adventure with donuts. But not just any donuts..Top Pot Donuts! And what better way to get them than this little guy. 

2015-10-17 08.50.54

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you know that we LOVE donuts. But our love for Top Pot donuts knows no bounds. 

2015-10-17 09.06.532015-10-17 12.22.22

Take note of those raspberry bullseyes!!! So so so good. 

2015-10-17 09.16.04

Of course we hit up some of our favorites such as Molly Moon’s for ice cream and even Portage Bay for some ridiculous brunching. 

2015-10-17 14.58.432015-10-18 13.13.282015-10-18 13.13.17

We even went to a bowling alley/pool hall for you guessed it….pool, bowling and poutine.

2015-10-17 16.24.562015-10-17 15.57.23

And what’s a trip to Seattle without watching a Seahawk’s game…from the sky! 

2015-10-18 14.17.50-2

But all good things must come to and end and just like that, it was back to Philly and real life.

2015-10-15 23.55.13

But stay tuned for more delicious recipes and reviews coming up soon!!

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