Random Things We Did This Weekend

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Catalyst Restaurant

Awhile back, Selma and I won a gift card to Catalyst during the Great Boston Chili Bowl! This was awesome because 1) I never win anything…ever. And 2) I work right around the corner and have really wanted to try this place out for the longest time. So his past weekend, Selma and I decided to finally use it since we are moving away from Boston soon. 

Catalyst is situated right in the heart of Technology Square in Kendall offering modern American fare with a French twist. It’s a great spot for any meal of the day since they offer a wide selection of entrees that are sure to leave you happy and satisfied. 2015-05-30 20.59.35

Plus, because we rarely get the opportunity to get all fancy and treat ourselves, we decided that this would be the perfect time to do just that. 2015-05-30 19.15.25 2015-05-30 19.28.36 

Oh and immediate bonus points to any restaurant to provides bread and butter. We love our carbs so this was a fantastic start to the meal. 

2015-05-30 19.29.33

For apps, we ordered the Crispy Beef Ribs with Hoison-Lime Glaze, Kimchee Slaw and Lotus Root. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, this would be it. Plus, this was bigger than both of our entrees combined! Next time I come back I will just order two of these and call it a day. 2015-05-30 19.33.57

For our meals, I got the Roasted Blue Cod with Olive Oil Crushed Butterball Potatoes, Mussels Chowder, Bacon and Herb Nage. This was like a plate of seafood heaven. Although the portion size was a bit small, the flavors were ridiculously good. 

2015-05-30 20.07.45

And Selma ordered the Georges Bank Scallops, English Peas, Fingerling Potatoes, Charred Leeks, Pickled Ramps and Sorrel Butter. The scallops are local so they were super fresh and cooked beautifully. 

2015-05-30 20.07.53

And because we had a few dollars left on our gift card, we decided to splurge a bit and order dessert. I present to you the Chocolate Pave with Honey and Goat Cheese Ice Cream, Rosemary Caramel, Pine Nut Brittle and Chocolate Almond Crumbs. This really was the perfect end to an exceptional meal. 

2015-05-30 20.43.00

Put Coffee On My Steak

Yep, you read that right. While surfing the interwebs one day, I came across a recipe for a dry rub seasoning that included coffee grinds. My immediate reaction was that this would turn my steak into a huge charred mess. But because I love coffee AND steak so much, I thought why not put the two together and see what happens. The result? Simply delicious. The coffee adds a nice smokey crust to the steak without giving you the feeling that you’re eating burnt coffee. You simply add a tablespoon of coffee to your favorite dry rub and let it do it’s magic. Simply as that! 

2015-05-31 19.39.28

Going to Jamaica!

And last but not least, I finally got around to booking a vacation for us before we move and Selma starts the craziness that is medical school. After many hours of comparing hotels and reading countless reviews, I finally settled upon Jewel Paradise Cove in Jamaica! This will be our first time going to Jamaica so any tips on what to see/where to go would be much appreciated! 


And with that, Happy Monday and thanks for reading!

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