Random Things We Did This Weekend

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This past weekend, Selma’s sister and her friend decided to pay us a visit so naturally we ate our way through the entire weekend. This was also the perfect excuse to try visit some places that we’ve had on our list for awhile now.

Went to Harpoon Brewery…Again

First stop of the weekend was Harpoon Brewery. For some reason, Selma and I really like taking people to Harpoon. I think it’s because we secretly want to go ourselves but need good excuse. While the plan was to do the tour (I even biked down early in the morning to reserve some), the MBTA decided to screw us hard that day so we ended up missing our time slot. Oh well, the pretzels were what we were really there for anyways. Best. Pretzels. Ever.


Union Square Donuts

Finally. It’s about damn time. I have been wanting to try Union Square Donuts since I started following them on Instagram and we finally got the chance this weekend. Because it’s kind of out of the way for us, we really never had the chance to go until now. And oh my gerd is it worth it.


We came late in the day so unfortunately some of their flavors were sold out.


But we were able to sang a few of the good ones. We got the maple bacon, PB&J, sea salted bourbon caramel, and the brown butter hazelnut crunch.


Words simply can’t describe how delicious these were. The dough was sooo soft and fluffy it was like eating a cloud of delciousness. Plus, the flavors were all very creative and enticing.


Taza Chocolate Factory Tour

Lastly, we stopped by Taza Chocolate for a factory tour. This time we actually made our tour!

Taza Chocolate is unique in that they produce a stone ground, organic and minimally processed chocolate. Their chocolate also has the least amount of ingredients we’ve ever seen. The only use cacao beans and organic sugar for the base and then add in whatever ingredients they want to make their flavors (i.e. almonds, cinnamon, coconut, etc…). The result is a chocolate that has a very different taste and texture that is out of this world.


Even though they have a global distribution network, they produce all of their chocolate in a small facility right here in Somerville. The tour itself is relaxed and informative and our tour guide Alex was awesome.


And the best part about the tour is that you get to sample as much chocolate as you want. They literally just keep giving it to you.


So if you’re ever in the area or visiting from out of town, we would highly recommend paying Taza chocolate a visit. And after you’re done, you can grab a maple bacon donut right down the street!

And with that, Happy Monday and thanks for reading!

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