Random Things We Did This Weekend

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Flew a kite!

It was the first nice day of spring in Boston so Selma and I decided it would be fun to let our kite (Optimus) get some air time. There’s nothing like two fully grown adults flying a kite together. Unfortunately, the wind was too much for our little $5 kite from Wal-Mart but we still had fun being outside for a change.

2015-04-11 16.40.52

Made Cream Puffs!

I LOVE cream puffs and Selma just so happened to stumble across a recipe for them this weekend and happily made some for us. They turned out amazing so stay tuned for the recipe later on this week!


Went to a conveyor belt sushi place

On Sunday, we headed off to the Natick Mall for some sushi at Wasabi’s with some of Selma’s coworkers. But not just any sushi might I add. It was sushi served on a conveyor belt (or Kaiten-sushi)! I’ve only ever seen these types of sushi restaurants on TV so this seemed like an awesome experience that I didn’t want to miss out on.

2015-04-12 14.14.21

The concept is pretty straightforward. You simply read the menu and figure out what you want based on the descriptions and once you’re ready, you wait for it to come by on the conveyor belt. Each plate is priced according to color and at the end, they simply tally up the total number of plates. And if you don’t see what you want on the conveyor belt, you can order it from the waiter/waitress and they will bring it over.

2015-04-12 13.45.56

The sushi itself was pretty good overall. Everything was fresh and tasted great. The best part (besides the conveyor belt experience), however, is that it’s fairly cheap for sushi. I believe it only came out to ~$10-12 a person after all was said and done. And we got a ton of sushi…

2015-04-12 13.48.38 2015-04-12 13.48.47

It’s really hard to refrain from grabbing every delicious thing that comes by on the conveyor belt so that’s where self-control comes into play. But overall, if you ever get a chance to try one of these types of sushi restaurants, the experience is worth the trip alone.

2015-04-12 14.00.01

And with that, Happy Monday and stay tuned for some awesome new recipes this week!

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