Maker’s Mark Ambassador 2014 Holiday Gift

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If you know me, then you know that I’m a die-hard fan of Maker’s Mark. Not only is it a taste thing, but it’s also an awesomeness thing. If you’re not familiar with the Ambassador’s program, check out my review to get the scoop. It’s free and well worth the perks. Plus, this is the best time of the year to be an ambassador!

Every year around the holidays, Marker’s Mark sends their ambassadors a special gift. Gifts range from mini sweaters to wax stamp sets to whatever else they happen to think of. Last year, they sent an awesome santa hat for my Maker’s bottle so I was very eager to find out what this years gift would be. Coincidentally, this little red envelope was waiting for me when I got home the other night.

2014-12-11 21.57.20

2014-12-11 22.00.58

Inside were two things. A nice letter from Rob Samuels and….

2014-12-11 22.04.54

a lovely scarf for my Maker’s 46 bottle!

2014-12-11 22.05.19

But because I didn’t have a bottle of Maker’s 46 on hand at the moment, I used a traditional bottle instead.

2014-12-13 11.44.48

In addition to free gifts, each Ambassador gets their name on a barrel of whisky and invitations to free events around town. If you haven’t already signed up, you can click here to register.

Happy Holidays from the Maker’s Mark family to you!

2014-12-13 11.47.40

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