Bike MS Ride Report Day 2

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The next day, we awoke at 5am for our final day of riding. This would be the last 75 miles of my 250 mile ride for charity. You can check out my ride reports for the first two days here and here. I’m not going to lie, my legs and butt were definitely feeling it that morning. After riding over 175 miles the past two days, the soreness was definitely settling in. 2014-06-29 05.09.18

But on we went. Because we had to be across the Bourne bridge (a huge ass bridge that connects Cape Cod to the rest of Mass) by 7am, we set off at 6am to get a head start. It was also a very chilly 60 degrees that morning so that made everything even less pleasant. My legs were not happy with me. 

2014-06-29 06.01.19-1

This bridge was the best/worst experience this early in the morning.

2014-06-29 06.08.37

There’s just nothing like a ridiculously steep 1/2 mile climb to kick start your day.

2014-06-29 06.09.49-1

But the views from the top were well worth the pain and suffering.

2014-06-29 06.10.43

The next 30-40 miles were sort of a blur. I took random pictures along the way but I don’t really remember the middle portion of the ride. I guess I was more tired than I thought.

2014-06-29 06.13.562014-06-29 09.47.242014-06-29 09.47.25

But once we started seeing the water, I began to feel much better.

2014-06-29 10.44.27 2014-06-29 10.43.522014-06-29 10.43.28

This was our last rest stop before the finish so we snagged a few pictures of us at the beach and then off we went. At this point, I was just ready to be done with the ride. I was hot, sore and tired so all I wanted was a beer and a nap. Those two things were the only things keeping me going at this point.

2014-06-29 10.13.51 2014-06-29 10.08.05 2014-06-29 10.08.02

Surprisingly enough, I felt awesome over the course of the last 20 miles. Even though there were huge hills leading into PTown, my body didn’t really seem to mind. If you look way off into the distance in the picture below, you can see PTown!

2014-06-29 12.01.14

The last few miles were basically a time trial along this flat stretch of road that led to the finish line. It just never seemed to end for some reason.

2014-06-29 12.04.392014-06-29 12.04.36

And finally, we made it to the finish! 250 miles for charity done.

2014-06-29 12.18.502014-06-29 12.24.24

The first and only thing I wanted to do was take a cold shower…immediately. At the finish line, they had these awesome shower trailers set up for everyone to wash up. I would have taken more pictures but there were lots of naked old men walking around. Some things just can’t be unseen so I’ll spare you those images.

2014-06-29 12.58.13

After washing up, we grabbed some lunch and some free ice cream. Unfortunately, they did not have the Spongebob popsicle that I requested so I settled for an ice cream sandwich.      2014-06-29 13.04.14

You had two options for getting back to Boston. You could either take the bus early or take the ferry back with everyone else. We opted for the ferry option so we hung out at a bar in PTown until it was time to depart.

2014-06-29 13.36.59

PTown is an interesting place to say the least. I’ll just leave it at that.

2014-06-29 13.40.58

But I did finally get my beer!

2014-06-29 14.43.32

And my nap. Immediately after I took this picture, I passed out and awoke as we were pulling into Boston. Apparently there was a huge dance party on the top deck of the boat but I was unconscious throughout the whole ride back.

2014-06-29 15.43.102014-06-29 19.09.30

Here are the ride stats and maps for those of you who are interested. My Garmin split the ride into two segments for some reason but it’s easy enough to figure out. CCG2CCG3

And because I have the best girlfriend ever, this ridiculous fruit tart from Whole Foods was waiting for me when I got home. Win.

2014-06-29 22.50.08

Overall, this was a really fun and relaxing ride for a great cause. The ride is definitely doable for anyone who knows how to ride a bike and is the best way to see the cape in my opinion. The Cape Cod Getaway happens every year in June so if you missed it this year, there’s always next year!

And finally, here are some interesting statistics from the weekend.

Ride Statistics:

  • Oldest Riders: 77
  • Youngest Rider: 14
  • States Represented: 32 – Including: AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TX, VA, VT, WA, WI, WY plus DC
  • Countries Represented: 2 – Canada and the US
  • Men v. Women: 65% men, 35% women
  • Registered Riders: 1898, not including riders signing up during CCG weekend
  • Most CCGs by a single rider: 29
  • First Year CCG Riders: 649
  • Teams: 129
  • Sandwiches Eaten: 5,225
  • Beer Consumed: 32 kegs

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

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