SUper Wedding Weekend Pt. 2

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Oh good morning Selma! It’s wedding Day!

2014-05-31 07.21.56

Even though the day of the wedding was finally upon us, there was still a lot to be done. And though we were exhausted from the night before because of the rehearsal dinner, there was no rest for the weary. So the next morning, we woke up early and headed over to the venue to help set up for the reception. Again, we were responsible for the lighting. Shocking.

And in true Texas fashion, guns and Shiner were involved.

Luckily, Max survived and we got him back to the wedding in one piece.

2014-05-31 16.31.34

And then it was time for the real fun to begin!

And finally the part of the night that I’d been waiting for…dinner! I’m not quite sure what I was eating but it was very delicious. I believe there was some Cajun shrimp in there and some chicken breasts. Dinner was catered by a local restaurant called Split Rail and I would highly recommend their food for your next event.

2014-05-31 20.32.11

And of course there was and endless supply of Shiner.

2014-05-31 20.32.18

Oh and this happened…



All in all, we had a blast at the wedding. Aside from the stress and humidity, it was a certainly a fun time. I’m so happy for my brother Max and my awesome new sister-in-law Rachel and I’m thankful that we got to play a part in their special weekend. It was also nice spending time with family again and enjoying all the delicious foods that Texas has to offer.

And with that, we headed back to Boston – the land of no Chick-fil-A. Sad. Until next time Texas…

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