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A few weekends ago, we finally made it back to Audubon for dinner with friends. Audubon has recently undergone new management and we haven’t been back until now. However, even if you didn’t know that the restaurant had changed owners, you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference. Besides a new menu (which does not include the Kobe beef hot dogs), everything about Audubon has remained relatively the same. From what I hear, most of the staff stayed on and the decor has remained untouched (except for the dangerous/awesome pointy table [shown below] is now gone).


I started off with a Backlash Groundswell because I’m a huge fan of blonde ales and wheat beers and Selma got a Yuengling (in case you didn’t already know, Yuengling is back in Mass). The Backlash wasn’t my favorite beer but it was nice to try something different.

2014-05-19 18.41.20

And for food, Selma and I went with the traditional burger. Although their new menu looked intriguing, we couldn’t resist getting a burger that night. Their new burger menu consists of a wide variety of unique toppings that you can add on to customize your burger experience so I opted for the fried egg and bacon jam. Yes that’s right, bacon jam. How I missed out on the bacon jam wagon is beyond me but I was immediately hooked. It’s basically bacon that’s been reduced down with onions and spices and then pureed into a nice consistency. It is the jam of the gods. Be on the lookout for my attempt at homemade bacon jam in the near future.

2014-05-19 19.04.37

Overall, Audubon is a solid place to grab food and drinks with friends. Definitely try the burger with the bacon jam if you get a chance. The atmosphere is relaxing and the service is always welcoming. And if you are ever in the neighborhood on a Monday night, pay our good friend Sergio a visit at the bar and tell him I sent you.

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