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Since our last PaintNite, we have been eyeing a specific painting that we really wanted to do since we first found out about PaintNite. You can choose your event based on either location or painting (or both I suppose) but we were only interested in one painting. We bought another Livingsocial deal and patiently waited for it to come back to a location closer to us. Finally, all of that waiting paid off when two spots opened up at Good Life Bar near the financial district.

If you read my other post about our first PaintNite experience, you will get the gist of the whole experience. It’s basically a night out at a bar that happens to have a painting class going on. It’s a lot of fun and you get an awesome painting to take home to decorate your apartment/house with.

2014-05-24 17.25.49

This was the painting that we wanted to do – The Giraffes. Why? I have no idea. They just looked cool I suppose.

2014-05-24 17.25.19

And here’s us patiently waiting to start. Somewhere along the way we ordered a round of Blue Moon’s but I guess I never got a change to take a picture of them.

2014-05-24 17.33.382014-05-24 17.27.56

The instructor takes you through step by step so you really can’t mess it up. We started off by painting the sky and clouds.

2014-05-24 18.05.09

You can paint whatever you want so I chose to go rogue and painted my clouds pink.

2014-05-24 18.05.02

2014-05-24 17.59.18

Then one by one, you add in the giraffes. Getting the head just right was the trickiest part. We also chose different color schemes because we wanted to hang them up next to each other and didn’t want to have the exact same paintings on the wall.

2014-05-24 18.46.13-2

I even decided to paint a little baby giraffe just because. Look at how cute he is!

2014-05-24 18.46.072014-05-24 18.46.20

Finally, we added in the final touches on our little guys and then we were done.

2014-05-24 19.31.042014-05-24 19.30.30

All in all, the whole thing took about two hours from start to finish (although it didn’t feel like it).

2014-05-24 19.38.38-2

Would we do it again? Absolutely. It’s a really cool experience and the atmosphere is fun and relaxing. Plus, there are always Groupon’s or promo codes floating around so you should never have to pay full price for the event. So if you are looking for an fun night out at a bar that doesn’t result in talking in a dark corner all night with your friends, this is an excellent alternative.

And with that, thanks for reading!

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