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When life gives you little sausages, you have no choice but to happily eat them. Selma’s dad loves surprising us with tons and tons of meat when he visits and this time he brought with him a bunch of these little guys along for the ride. My first time having ćevapi was when I first met Selma’s parents. I kept eating them and I believe they were impressed that I enjoyed their food so much. So now whenever I go and visit, they always make sure to have ćevapi waiting for me. They are the best.

Ćevapi are little case-less sausages made from minced beef and veal. They are a common Bosnian dish and are often served with flatbread, onions, peppers, and sour cream. They look like little breakfast sausages but have a very different and distinct taste.

2014-04-28 20.18.04

Cooking them up is also incredibly easy. You can either pan fry them or grill them. Since we don’t have a grill (yet), we opted for the pan fry method. They are better when grilled but this will do for now.

2014-04-28 20.23.43

All you have to do is cook them like you would any sausage and after roughly 8-10 min, they are ready to eat.

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Serve with naan bread (or even pita), onions, bell peppers, sour cream and a little fresh jalapeno for some added spice.

2014-04-28 20.38.56

These little guys may not look like a lot but they are really addicting. It’s hard to eat just one….or ten in my case. If you ever happen to come across these in a specialty store (or Bosnia), I highly recommend trying them!

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