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This past weekend was commencement weekend in Boston. And with that brought old friends back from out of town who we haven’t seen in forever. We decided to meet up for dinner at OTTO Pizza in Coolidge Corner because it’s awesome and delicious. OTTO pizza is considered a specialty pizza restaurant that serves up unique combinations of ingredients that aren’t necessarily obvious choices. If you are looking for a pepperoni pizza (they do have pepperoni and I’m sure it’s delicious) with cheesy bread, your money would probably be better spent elsewhere. However, if you’ve ever wanted to try mashed potatoes or pulled pork on a pizza, this is the place for you.

One of the things I love about this place is that they have Down East Cider on tap! However, they didn’t have it on tap that day so I ordered something else. It was really good but I forgot the name. Oh well. Here is a picture of it anyways. Who doesn’t love a good beer picture?

2014-05-15 19.26.17

Since there were a few of us, we decided to order a couple of small pizzas to share. They have a lot of interesting combinations so it’s always was difficult to choose. In the end, we decided on the Three-Cheese Tortellini, the Eggplant, Ricotta & Basil, the Mashed Potato, Bacon & Scallion, and the White Bean, Sausage, Herb & Chili Flake.

2014-05-15 19.28.20

Pictured below are the tortellini pizza and the eggplant pizza.

2014-05-15 19.49.02

The tortellini pizza tasted a lot like spaghetti O’s on a pizza to me (which isn’t a bad thing at all).

2014-05-15 19.49.06

And the eggplant pizza was also really good. The large chunks of ricotta cheese really brought this pizza to a whole new level.

2014-05-15 19.49.21

And last but not least, the mashed potato pizza. I never thought mashed potatoes would work on a pizza but I was clearly mistaken. Hats off to you OTTO pizza. If you’re only going to try one pizza here, I would recommend this one.

2014-05-15 19.59.27I don’t know where the pictures for the white bean and sausage pizza went but I can tell you that the pizza is a lot spicier than I would have imagined. My mouth was on fire after every bite but it just tasted so good I couldn’t help myself.

All in all, OTTO pizza is a solid choice for a nice evening out with friends, especially when they have Down East Cider on Tap. It’s definitely a sit-down kind of place so if you’re looking for a quick to-go option, there are plenty of other choices in the Coolidge area like Pizzeria Dante right up the street. Their prices are a little high but their unique pizza offerings are certainly worth a try.

And with that, thanks for reading!

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