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Last Friday, we made a batch of our delicious homemade meatballs and had plenty of leftovers as usual. I was also planning on a long ride the next day so I knew I needed to bring along plenty of food. While deciding whether or not to make some rice cakes for the ride, it suddenly dawned on me that meatballs are the perfect portable food. The are compact, nutritious, and delicious; the perfect on the go food.    2014-05-02 20.59.54

All you need to do is let them cool completely before individually wrapping them in some cling wrap and you’re ready to go.

2014-05-02 21.00.42

I also placed them in a little zip-lock bag just for safe keeping in my back pocket.

2014-05-02 21.01.48

Most of my teammates were jealous/appalled but I enjoyed myself through the entire 50 mile ride. I was a little skeptical if meatballs would be a good source of energy but they actually performed quite well. However, I would definitely recommend bringing some form of carbs in the form of rice cakes or a breakfast pastry on the ride as well for quick fuel.

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