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I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical coming here after reading some of the negative reviews about the food on Yelp. The place received amazing reviews for their drinks but people were not a fan of their food. Selma and I were starving so this was going to be a very unhappy evening if the food sucked. Luckily, we were pleasantly satisfied with our experience.

Green Street is appropriately located on Green St. and is easily missed if you’re not looking for it. This is another one of those “don’t judge a book by its cover” or “don’t judge the sketchy looking building in the back alley” type of situation. The place looks much smaller than it really is but is actually pretty big once you got inside. I imagined the bar to be packed but was pleasantly surprised when the entire dining area was full. It was either because no one in this bar has heard of Yelp or the food was actually worth trying.

I started off with a gansett because I’m classy like that.

2014-03-22 20.46.53

And Selma and everyone else in our party got the Phipps Fizz – old overholt rye, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer, and angostura bitters. This drink was the bomb. 2014-03-22 20.47.06

Selma also ordered The Bohemian later on – beefeater gin, st.germaine elderflower liqueur fresh grapefruit juice, and bitters. This drink was also delicious.  2014-03-22 21.44.33

She seemed to like it…2014-03-22 21.44.09

For food, Selma and I both ordered the Double Bacon Cheeseburger (all beef patties, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese,lettuce, tomato, onion, russian dressing, chips, cole slaw, pickles) because we wanted to play it safe. The burger was pretty good overall and reminded me a glorified Big Mac, which is not the worst thing in my opinion.

2014-03-22 20.58.58

The burger was served with homemade chips which was a nice change from the usual plate of fries. 2014-03-22 20.59.02

And last but not least, this post goes out to Pia and Neha!2014-03-22 21.36.43

I was actually pretty surprised with Green St. The food is a little pricey but the burgers are a pretty good deal. If we are ever back in the area, we will definitely be back for the drinks.

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