Jalapeño Poppers

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A few people have been asking me about my recipe for my bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers (I don’t blame them). You may recall their brief appearance during our trip to Seattle but I decided to make them their own post for ease of reference.

One thing that I can’t stress enough is to always use some form of protection (for your hands you silly). This will keep your hands from getting burned during the deseeding process. If you have a friend who is an EMT or works in a lab, ask them to steal you a box of gloves. In this case, Selma was able to commandeer a few boxes for me. IMG_8074

Also, when choosing jalapeños, always try and choose ones that are medium sized. Remember, It’s not all about size when it comes to these poppers. IMG_8075

I like to cut off the top and then halve the jalapeños. This will make them much easier to deseed and to stuff with the filling later on. IMG_8078

After you have them all deseeded, give them a good rinse to make sure that there are no remaining seeds. IMG_8079

Next, it’s time to make the cream cheese filling. I started with some chopped scallions and a large mixing bowl. IMG_8081

Then comes the room temp cream cheese and spices. I used cayenne pepper, chili powder, salt, pepper, and garlic. You can use whatever your heart desires here. IMG_8083

Mix it up into an amazing cream cheese spread. You can also just stop right here and eat the whole bowl if that’s your thing. This would also go great on a bagel…just FYI. IMG_8084

Next comes the bacon. Lots and lots of hearty bacon. I sometimes like to mix it up and use maple bacon. IMG_8080

I also like to cut my strips in half. It makes wrapping the jalapeños much easier. IMG_8085

With a small spoon, fill the jalapeño with cream cheese like so.IMG_8086

Then wrap with your 1/2 strip of bacon and stab a toothpick through to hold it all together. IMG_8088

Bake at 350 for 30min or until the bacon is nice and crispy. Then try not to eat them all at once. a9bM2YLkOU8AHGe2yEJSS24Wd-rxjm5asfDnlH9fdxQ

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