Bison Loco Moco

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We are getting real loco with the loco moco this time around! In the past, we’ve made your standard loco moco, turkey loco moco and even loco moco with braised leftovers! However, while perusing the meat isle of the grocery store a few weekends back, Selma and I stumbled upon this! IMG_7999

That’s right. Bison. Delicious, all natural Bison. Bison looks and tastes a lot like beef but has a leaner texture and earthier flavor. Because bison are grass-fed and antibiotic/hormone free, they are a great alternative for meat loving savages. You can prepare it any way you would prepare beef and use it as a healthier substitute in any dish. However, it’s definitely not cheap. At $8.99 per pound, it’s inching into Whole Foods pricing territory so it’s not something you want to use every night for your bison hamburger helper. Nevertheless, I believe my readers are worth it so I took the plunge and happily forked over the $8.99 for this meaty brick.IMG_8000

In terms of preparation, it’s really no different from ground beef. You add in whatever seasonings and spices you love and then gently fold it all together. I say gently because if you overwork this meat, you will get a tougher patty. I used a few tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and a little salt and pepper.


I also sauteed up some onions and mixed them into the patties. IMG_8003





While that was going, I mixed together the gravy for the loco moco. It was a simple gravy consisting of beef broth, butter, flour, salt and pepper, and a little chopped rosemary. IMG_8013

Like any other lean meat, you definitely don’t want to overcook it. A nice medium rare will keep the patty nice and tender without ruining the texture and flavors. IMG_8016

Next come the eggies. IMG_8017

You can do them over easy or sunny side up. Just as long as you don’t overcook the yolk. That would just be sad. IMG_8018


We also picked up the bottle of wine per Squid Mikes recommendation. At $6.99 at Trader Joe’s, this is a very affordable and drinkable wine with a sweet finish. IMG_8010

Then comes the plating and photo shoot. IMG_8020

Look at how artsy this looks. IMG_8022

We also made a little salad with beets, goat cheese, and grape tomatoes. You have to have your veggies. IMG_8023

Last but not least, you pop the yolk and enjoy! Oh. My. Gerd. IMG_8025

I love experimenting with new foods so let me know if there is something you would like me to make in the comments below!

And with that, thanks for reading!

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