Double Groupon Date Night

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This weekend, Selma and I decided to head to the Frog Pond and Scoozi for a nice night out on the town. Selma’s sister had an expiring Groupon for ice skating and I had an expiring LivingSocial deal for Scoozi (I suppose it’s not a double Groupon but it just sounds better in the title). Thus, this was the perfect opportunity to kill two coupons with one stone. Plus, a small part of me dies whenever a coupon expires so we simply had no choice. The only problem was that it was freezing. Seriously, it was 20 degrees out.  It was the worst. 2014-02-28 19.43.49

Now, I’ve always meant to go ice skating on the Frog Pond but never fully committed. Thus, this would be my first time skating here in my 7 years in Boston. This would also be my first time back on skates in 10 years. It was quite a momentous occasion for me. 2014-02-28 19.50.29

When we arrived, they had just started cleaning the ice with the Zamboni. This was always my favorite moment because the ice is so smooth afterwards. 2014-02-28 19.51.50

It’s like glass. So beautiful and clean. 2014-02-28 20.04.30

After attempting to regain my skating legs (and I didn’t fall at all!) and suffering through the cold for half an hour, we took a few pictures and headed to dinner. photo

We really like Scoozi because the food is decent and reasonably priced when you factor in the LivingSocial deal. It’s also in a really convenient location and usually on our way home. So win win…win.

Selma started off with her usual Blue Moon. For some reason, Blue Moon always tastes better on tap. Notice how I used the little table candle to enhance the photo lighting. 2014-02-28 21.05.36

I got a Sam Adams Brick Red. I should have leveraged the candle light in this picture as well. 2014-02-28 21.05.25

Because we had $40 to spend, we went all out and started off with our favorite appetizer – Fried Calamari. They really get it right here. The combination of sauces and the pepperoncini’s really make this dish stand out. 2014-02-28 21.17.31

I want this in my mouth right now. 2014-02-28 21.17.40

They even served us some little lemon wedges in this tiny little espresso cup. It was the cutest. 2014-02-28 21.17.50

Because we were both craving meat like savages, we both ordered burgers. Selma got the jalapeño burger with sweet potato fries. It didn’t really taste like jalapeños though. It was just uncomfortably spicy. 2014-02-28 21.33.15

I got the standard Scoozi burger with fries. My friend Bike Mike once asked if these burgers were ground in house because he loved them so much. To his disappointment, the waitress said that they were not ground in house but rather off site somewhere else. To this day, we still make fun of him for it every time he orders a burger anywhere. 2014-02-28 21.33.10

We ended dinner with the Apple Crisp for dessert. I love the mix of hot and cold desserts so to me this was the best thing ever. 2014-02-28 22.00.28

We overate as usual but it was well worth the trip. If you’re ever around Scoozi in the morning or during lunch, definitely check out their specials.

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