Chocolate French Toast

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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. While visiting When Pig’s Fly Bakery we stumbled upon this amazing loaf of chocolate bread (it looks like a pile of elephant poops but its soooo good). We decided that it would be a fun idea to make french toast with it so we brought one home with us. 2014-02-09 08.28.44

For brunch one Sunday morning, we put the plan into action. This bread is denser than most so I had to cut it thinner than usual.

2014-02-09 08.30.50

Another thing I love about french toast is that it’s really simple to make and only requires a hand-full of ingredients you most likely already have.


2014-02-09 08.30.55

Milk and cinnamon.2014-02-09 08.33.24

Soak each piece until they are nice and coated on both sides.2014-02-09 08.36.31

Then fry them up in a buttered pan. 2014-02-09 08.42.33

And dust with powdered sugar and serve with berries, honey, syrup or whipped cream (or anything else you love). 2014-02-09 08.51.36


Happy Saturday and thanks for reading!

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