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Oh how the mighty have fallen….

Sunset Cantina will always hold a special place in my heart, no matter how ridiculous and overpriced it has become over the years. For those of you unfamiliar with Sunset Cantina, this is the go-to restaurant for all of BU. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and to grab a drink and a bite to eat. They have a variety of mixed drinks and beers to choose from and an extensive menu offering something for everyone. Most notably, they are known for their massive plates of XXL fiesta nachos (pictured below). They also have a few other locations in Allston – Sunset Bar & Tap and Patrons (formally Big City). They are all essentially the exact same thing except Sunset Cantina has more tequila and Bar & Tap has way more beers on tap. Patrons is right on top of Bar & Tap and is the same thing except with 3 pool tables. I don’t know why they ever changed it from a pool hall to an identical restaurant. Anyways, I have personally wasted so many dollar bills at this establishment it is embarrassing.

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I have tried almost the entire menu in my 6 years in Boston and while there are plenty of good options, I always default to my California Brewers Club – grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, bib lettuce on multigrain toast with curly fries and extra pickles. Words simply can’t describe how much I love this sandwich.

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Selma ordered the Sloppy Jose Enchiladas – flavorful meat rolled with 3 color peppers, pico de gallo, onions and jack and cheddar cheese. It was pretty good as always but its hard to mess up an enchilada.

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Back in the day, we tried random things on the menu just because. They do have a lot of pretty good items to choose from. They even have an All-You-Can-Eat beef ribs night. Well sort of. I was told to stop at plate #6 because the manager didn’t believe that I was eating all the ribs. So it’s actually All-You-Can-Eat ribs until the manager say so night. However, now that we are older and wiser, we tend to rotate between our favorites such as the boneless wings on a stick (pictured below) and the steak enchiladas. Every now and then we will throw in a burger or a plate of fajitas to mix things up.


Now even though we continue to come back time and time again, it doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily thrilled about it. We usually only go when we have friends who come back in town to visit or if we have a very large group of people. Because of it’s popularity over the years, Sunset Cantina has expanded to accommodate the growing demand for their amazing nachos and margaritas. But even though they have added new seating areas and expanded their menu, they have also increased their prices. I remember when I had my first underage Lime and Coconut margarita there, it was only $5.99. Now, the same margarita is $9.99 AND it comes in a smaller glass. What. The. F word. And not only have their drinks increased in price, their food prices have also skyrocketed. Now I can go on and on about how the quality has fallen and the service is consistently terrible but I have made my peace with this place. Lets be honest, I will always continue to dine at Sunset Cantina not because I want to, but because I have to.



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  1. Mike

    dont forget that they have had pumpkin shandy for way longer than the season would suggest… and its still delicious.

  2. kylmnty

    Dear lord Jesus I thought I was the only one…I never understood why this place still consistently gets tons of people in. As of last semester the marg glasses were made smaller to serve less alcohol, which is inefficient because the glasses are anatomically proportioned to fall off trays and go to waste frequently anyways. Also, the food is really not at all good, unless you are talking about the nachos, which in my opinion have fallen in quality as well (that cheese is not fresh). This is coming from a former Sunset employee who has witnessed all the evil and penny-pinching ways the owner tries to nickel and dime his customers and employees. On a side note: Might I suggest getting the California Brewer’s Club in wrap form? It’s the one item I enjoy on the menu, and I like my bread/carbs more than the average citizen…but damn.

  3. Alex Su

    I didn’t even know you could request it in wrap form…I will have to try it the next time I get dragged here. But yes, this place never ceases to disappoint.

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