Coolidge Corner Clubhouse

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A few weekends back, we stopped by the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse for some brunch. I had only ever come here for drinks but I always see Groupon’s for this establishment and really wanted to try out the food. Luckily that day, our friend Mike just happened to have a Groupon so we decided to go. It’s a low key sports bar located right in the heart of Coolidge Corner that offers a pretty amazing brunch selection.

I got the Corned Beef Hash with Eggies. This was my first time having corned beef hash and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has an interesting texture but it works well with the fried eggs and bacon.

2014-01-05 14.49.01

Selma ordered a monster plate of their French Toast – Three pieces of Challah bread dipped in cinnamon egg batter, with powdered sugar. Served with bacon & home fries. The serving size was massive but no one was complaining. Apparently they are known for their huge portions so I automatically approved of this place.

2014-01-05 14.49.12

If brunch isn’t your thing, they have a wide selection of lunch items and sandwiches named after various athletes such as The Tiger Woods and The Larry Bird. Here is Mike with his fried chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. He always complains that he isn’t featured on the blog so this is me making his dream a reality. You’re welcome.

2014-01-05 14.49.16

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