New Year Brunch

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To kick off the new year after a crazy night of celebrating (we watched some shows and tried to stay up till midnight), we decided to make a hearty brunch of pancakes, eggies, and mimosas! Because no real stores were open on New Year’s, we had to go to 7-11 to get eggs. These were the most expensive eggs in the world.

2014-01-01 11.27.13

Selma hard at work making the batter for the pancakes while I took pictures. We ran out of normal pancake mix as well so we substituted with some whole wheat mix.

2014-01-01 11.27.55

Also, because we didn’t have chocolate chips, we used cut up hershey kisses. I know….this was the most haphazard brunch we could have made. We definitely were not prepared.

2014-01-01 11.33.55 2014-01-01 11.39.44

Selma doing all the hard work. Perfect.

2014-01-01 11.42.52

We even added in some bananas to make them healthier.

2014-01-01 11.43.08

And finally, no one brings in the new year quite like our good friend André.

2014-01-01 12.06.27

The semi whole wheat pancakes had a weird consistency but you couldn’t really tell if you added enough whipped cream.

2014-01-01 12.07.12


Happy New Year!

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