Pork & Pickle Nightmare

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While traveling back to the homestead for the holidays, I had a short (or so i thought) layover in Missouri. Little did I know that there was a huge snow storm passing through delaying all the flights like an asshole. Not surprising, my flight was delayed for awhile so I had a little time get some much needed food. 2013-12-21 21.11.59

I somehow stumbled upon a little restaurant (the only restaurant) in the terminal and fortunately they were open. It was called Pork & Pickle so I was already interested in what they had to offer. I was really craving a beer but I didn’t like any of their selection. Plus, they were all $8+ for a draft beer. We are in Kansas City, MO. Please. I opted for the water instead.

2013-12-21 20.44.39

I sat myself at the bar next to the expediting station and upon sitting down I immediately regretted my decision. I could see the entire kitchen and I did not like what I saw. But because I was starving after my flight, I ordered the only thing that sounded appetizing on the menu – The Pork & Pickle. I figured this was a safe bet and a popular dish because it shared the same name as the restaurant and had a little finger pointing to it. It had to be good right?

2013-12-21 20.45.12

In theory this would have been good but you have to remember that this is Kansas City, MO…in an airport terminal, in the middle of a snow storm, late at night.

I watched as the cooks prepared my dish. Scoops of pork that was most likely sitting around since that morning were haphazardly tossed onto cold slider buns and garnished with a side of soggy fries. And because I was sitting right next to the expediting station, I watched for 10 minutes as my food went cold before the server noticed it and pushed it my way. Fantastic. The saddest part is that I ate the entire thing. I’m 99% sure I will pay dearly for this.

The most interesting/sickening part was that I got to watch how everyone else’s food was prepared while I ate. Most of the BBQ at this restaurant was taken out of warming trays and thrown directly onto a plate and covered in sauce. Excellent.

2013-12-21 20.52.29 Overall, I would not come back. This was the worst.

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