Loco Moco w/ Guinness Braised Leftovers

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Our good friend Mr. Bernard was again in town for the week so we had him over for some Loco Moco. Because we had some leftovers from the Guinness-Braised roast, the only logical thing to do with them was to obviously incorporate them into another fantastic meal. We are getting real  loco with this loco moco.

I can assure you that it tastes way better than it looks right now…

2013-11-20 18.47.27

We followed our basic Loco Moco recipe but instead of gravy, we poured the leftover stock over the entire thing. It was meat on egg on meat goodness.

2013-11-20 19.43.53

Oh hello there delicious yolk…

2013-11-20 19.44.15

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