Pumpkin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Every holiday, I anxiously await the arrival of Pillsbury’s sugar cookies. These little morsels remind me of my childhood and are so damn delicious. They have a differed “shape” for every holiday to keep things interesting and are super easy to bake. Despite being pretty terrible for you, I will never stop buying them.

2013-11-12 21.13.09

Back in the day, these cookies used to come in a tube and you had to slice your own cookies. Mine would always come out lopsided and disproportional. It was a mess. Now, they come in pre-formed little round pucks that you simply throw on a baking sheet and bake to perfection.

2013-11-12 21.18.05

After just 7 min, they are ready to eat.

2013-11-12 21.43.08

They are perfect on their own or with a glass of cold milk.

2013-11-12 21.45.17

Or you can add a scoop of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream and some whipped cream to make a mini pumpkin ice cream sandwich.

2013-11-12 21.47.15

It’s hard not to eat the entire box in one sitting. They are also only available during holidays so they come and go frequently. But thankfully, they come out with a whole different batch every holiday season so it helps with the whole self control aspect of my life.

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