Cast Iron Skirt Steak

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Recently, I’ve been slowly building up my Le Creuset collection with random pieces that I’ve found at Marshall’s. They carry Le Creuset “seconds” but after some research I’ve found out that they are every bit as good as a piece you would pick up at Williams Sonoma or any other large retailer. The only difference is that they are either last years discontinued styles or they have very slight cosmetic imperfections. And because so, they are significantly discounted! According to their website, Le Creuset actually destroys pieces that are functionally flawed so no piece actually leaves their factories if it is not up to their standards.

On this particular trip, Selma found this beautiful cast iron grill pan that I just had to have. The best part though was that we found one with the sticker price of only $15!!! The original price was $130 and Marshall’s was selling it for $79.99. But somehow, we managed to pay only $15 for this beauty. That’s a 88.5% discount off the original sticker price!

2013-11-04 20.00.56

2013-11-04 19.58.14

2013-11-04 19.58.33

Earlier in the week, I had purchased come delicious skirt steak and broccoli rabe for us to make for dinner. This is was the perfect opportunity to test of the new grill pan.

Skirt steak is a very under rated cut of meat. It’s a flat cut that comes from the plate of the cow and is generally prized for its rich flavors and tenderness if properly cooked. It’s perfect for fajita’s or as-is and is one of my favorite cuts of beef.



We also got the steak on sale because it looked like it was going bad soon. It appeared a little suspect but it was still good! Or at least that’s what I told Selma…

2013-11-04 20.08.42

Start by seasoning generously with fresh ground pepper, salt, and a little drizzle of olive oil.

2013-11-04 20.14.51

We also decided to switch things up a bit and go with some broccoli rabe. We really like the slight bitterness and crunch of this veggie.

2013-11-04 20.04.16

While my grill pan was heating up, Selma helped me cut and peel some cloves of garlic for sautéing the broccoli rabe.

2013-11-04 20.16.53

After the garlic has had a chance to caramelize, add in the broccoli rabe and season with salt and pepper. Cook until tender.

2013-11-04 20.19.19

Because this is a pretty thin piece of steak, you only need to sear it on each side for ~4 min for a nice medium-rare. Be careful not to over cook it or it will become chewy and lose its flavor.

2013-11-04 20.32.32

And while the steak was finishing up, Selma suggested that we do a red wine reduction which I wasn’t opposed to at all. She used red wine, beef broth, butter and rosemary and let it reduce for ~10min.

2013-11-04 20.38.05 2013-11-04 20.38.23

This was one of the best meals I’ve had in awhile. You could even do without the red wine reduction but it was well worth the effort.

2013-11-04 20.51.34

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