Whole Foods Mini Cakes

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Remember that day I went to meet The Maker and Selma couldn’t join because she wanted to be a kind and loving person and surprise her sister with Whole Food’s pastries for her birthday? Turns out that her sister wasn’t home and I was forced to eat them all for fear of letting them all go bad. Her loss was certainly my gain.

2013-10-16 20.43.35

What up carrot cake 😀

2013-10-16 20.44.34

I couldn’t refrain from taking a few bites before I took a picture of this berry cheesecake. It was berry good (ha).

2013-10-16 21.31.51

I didn’t get a picture of the chocolate mouse cake but they were all equally incredible. I don’t think Whole Food’s is capable of ever producing a single bad dish or pastry. Best birthday fail ever.

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