Seattle Day 4 – Hiking, Fajita Night & Molly Moon’s

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What do you do when you’re almost out of Top Pot Doughnuts? That’s right, you get another dozen. We are animals.

2013-10-13 10.53.57

And nothing goes better with their doughnuts than their own coffee.

2013-10-13 11.17.59

After breakfast, we headed out for a hike at Twin Falls to burn off some calories (only so we can justify eating more doughnuts later on). It was a nice 3 mile trail and was only 30 min outside of the city so it wasn’t too far of a drive. The trail was gorgeous. I forgot how nice it was to be out of the city. The crisp clean Seattle air was long overdue and the water falls and views were breathtaking.

We were famished after our little outdoor adventure so we decided to save some dollar bills and make some fajitas at home instead of eating out. One of the most amazing parts of Samir and Ashley’s apartment is their roof deck. It’s located in between their two residential towers and is furnished with grills, a fire pit, a fully stocked kitchen and even a shower! Why they even have a shower no one knows. But who cares…why not. So we grilled up some steaks and made some of my legendary bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. If you’ve never had them, you haven’t lived. I will make you some if you ask nicely.

After the food coma from dinner, Samir insisted that we had to try an ice cream place called Molly Moon’s. Molly Moon’s is a homemade ice cream company with locations all over Seattle that churns locally sourced fruit and cream into delicious frozen creations. Samir insisted that I get “Molly’s Favorite” which consisted of melted chocolate and salted caramel ice cream, hot fudge, candied hazelnuts, whipped cream, and a chukar cherry. It was a little rich and overwhelming but I ate the whole thing anyways. I just can’t stop myself. Selma ordered half coffee and half lavender ice cream. The one thing that stands out about this place is that all of their flavors taste exactly like what they are. The coffee ice cream tasted like you were eating coffee beans and the lavender tasted like a straight up plant. It was different but still really good. Also, across the street there were a group of people playing bike polo. This was the first time i’d ever seen this game being played and it looked awesome and stupid at the same time. It’s exactly like polo but on fixie bikes. Sounds like my kind of sport.

This concluded day 4 of our trip to Seattle. As each day went by, Selma and I contemplated moving here more and more. Everything from the amazing food to the up-and-coming communities just stood out as to us. Maybe one day…

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