Seattle Day 1 – jetBlue, Pot Belly’s & PinkBerry

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Because Selma and I are such hard workers, we decided to reward ourselves with a short trip to Seattle over the long weekend (Selma actually didn’t get Columbus day off but we found that out after we booked the tickets…sorry we’re not sorry). We have some really awesome friends out there that we missed dearly so we took the chance to pay them a visit. We both had to leave straight after work in order to catch the flight so we decided to get dinner at the airport. We simply couldn’t resist Potbelly’s and Pinkberry…especially since we had a 5 1/2 hour flight ahead of us. Also, the lady knew we were sharing our froyo so she loaded it up with a bunch of fruits and not one but TWO wafers! Win. This was the beginning of the best weekend ever.

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