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Whenever Im feeling homesick, I hit up Jo Jo Taipei in Allston. They serve up mouth-watering Taiwanese dishes that remind me of my childhood. In addition to the usual favorites, they serve more authentic dishes such as stinky tofu and crispy pig intestine – delicious but definitely not for the faint of heart (or stomach).

I’ve visited here plenty of times but I had to bring Selma here to try it out for herself. I ordered a sampling of some of my favorite dishes for her to try. Eventually we’ll work our way up to the stinky tofu and pig intestines 🙂

To start, we got one of my all time favorites – Spicy Beef Noodle Soup! The soup consists of a rich, flavorful broth with hearty chunks of beef and egg noodles topped off with fresh sprigs of cilantro. Selma wasn’t a huge fan of the beef (a little chewier and fattier than she likes) but she enjoyed the noodles and the spicy soup.

2013-06-20 18.25.03

Next was the Beef with Long Horn Peppers – a special they were having consisting of beef and peppers in a light garlic sauce.

2013-07-26 20.14.20

Then came the Eggplant with Garlic Sauce. This was one of her favorite dishes. The chili-garlic sauce was out of this world.

2013-06-20 18.29.23

And what’s a Taiwanese dinner without some soup dumplings! These are essentially what they sound like. Dumplings filled with soup (almost like a dumpling gusher!) These were not as good as Dumpling Cafes’ in Chinatown but they were still very tasty.

2013-06-20 18.34.41

Selma getting her asian on.
2013-07-19 21.37.31

Note: we’ve been here a few more times since but got sick the last time. But whatever, that won’t stop us from getting our eggplant with garlic sauce!

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