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The majority of the way we try new restaurants is through Groupons/Living Social deals. That way, if it’s a terrible experience, we won’t feel as bad.

We have always wanted to try Osaka but it was always too pricey for just a casual night out…until now! The Girl and I landed a Living Social deal to Osaka in Coolidge Corner and we decided to go see what all the hype was about. You have the option of either doing the teppanyaki style dinner or ordering off their normal menu. We opted for the teppanyaki dinner…clearly.

Your experience definitely depends on how out-going your chef is. Our was okay but the chef at the table next to ours seemed a bit more sprightly. The kids at the other table even got balloon animals. I didn’t get any balloon animals. But the experience was still good nonetheless. He did all the usual knife flips and tricks, but my favorite was the spatula egg crack. They’re so skilled.

2013-07-14 18.15.17

The onion volcano was also pretty amazing.

2013-07-14 18.15.58

2013-07-14 18.16.04

Also, your meal comes with a side of fried rice and sauces for dipping.

2013-07-14 18.20.31

Overall, everything was cooked perfectly and very delicious. If you have never tried a teppanyaki restaurant, I would definitely recommend going at least once just to experience it. You essentially get a dinner and a show! Also, if you come to Osaka on your birthday, you eat free!

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