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Scoozi has been one of my go-to restaurants all throughout undergrad, grad school, and now real life. Their food is reasonably priced and they always have some sort of Groupon/Living Social deal going on. In fact, they have one going on right now through Amazon Local. In addition to their coupons, they have a really good breakfast sandwiches and a student lunch special. For$ 7.99 you get any one of their paninis, a drink, and chips. Not bad if you’re sick of BU dining halls and on a budget.

We went here this past weekend with Selma’s sister. The location we go to is on BU’s campus but they do have another location on Newbury Street that we want to try (especially since we keep running into people we know at this one and it’s awkward).

They are known for their sangria (which tastes like juice to me) that they serve in these really neat pitchers. We got their pomegranate sangria this time but they also have other flavors such as peach, passion fruit and mango in addition to their traditional red and white (their red is really good by the way).

While we waited, the waitress even brought us out some fresh bread with olive oil and butter which was new for us. We didn’t hate it.


Selma got the lobster ravioli which is her favorite. I don’t know if they make it in house but it was really good. Real bits of lobster with a flavorful rosé cream sauce on top.


I opted for their Italian Calzone which  includes prosciutto, capicola, salami, onions, roasted red pepper, basil, oregano, and a three cheese blend. I would recommend sharing this because it was massive. I had trouble finishing it alone but I powered through like a boss.


With the coupon, this place is totally worth it. They have a relaxed atmosphere and the food is pretty good for the price. We will probably never stop coming here as long as the Groupons keep coming.


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