Grandma Selma’s Apple Pie!

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Selma and I were really excited to make some apple pie with some of the apples we picked this past weekend so we looked up a few recipes online and found this one that looked promising. We essentially followed this recipe with some minor adjustments from others who have made this before.

Here is our version: Grandma Selma’s Apple Pie 

While the girl was peeling the apples (I’m terrible at peeling apples), I prepared the crust. We got some pillsbury pie crust to make things easier.

2013-09-29 20.36.35

Mmm healthy

2013-09-29 20.39.15 2013-09-29 20.39.38

Dust the apples with cinnamon and nutmeg

2013-09-29 21.01.12

The caramel sauce was ridiculous

2013-09-29 20.54.05

Making the lattice was all I was allowed to do.

2013-09-29 20.55.52

Put the lattice on and then fill the pie with the caramel sauce

2013-09-29 21.09.22 2013-09-29 21.13.43 2013-09-29 22.04.12

Even though it looks really good (and is really good), we should have let it bake a little longer. Even after 50 min. in the oven, the bottom crust was still doughy. Oh well, we ate it anyways. Maybe we’ll try it again with a different recipe.

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