Apple Picking and Wine Tasting

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Fall is my favorite season for a variety of reasons. Fall time means amazing weather, birthdays, holidays, and apples. We love picking our own apples, especially off trees (not from the grocery store…that’s weak).

We usually go to this place called Russell Orchards in Ipswich, MA because they have delicious crack-laced cider donuts. However, because we’re trying to be more like adults these days and broaden our horizons, we decided to try a new place called Nashoba Valley Winery out in Bolton, MA. They make their own wine and spirits and have apple picking as well so we gave it a shot. Plus it got really good reviews on Yelp.

I rented this beast for the trip because we Texans love the environment and try to reduce our carbon footprint whenever we can (ha ha ha…it was actually the cheapest option). You’re welcome environment.

2013-09-28 13.52.36

The drive out was also gorgeous. It was a beautiful day and the trees here are beginning to change color!

2013-09-28 13.34.16 2013-09-28 13.34.39 2013-09-28 13.21.55 2013-09-28 13.34.44

Me and my little t-rex arms…

2013-09-28 16.13.23

Anyways, it took us no time to get there and upon arriving we realized that the rest of Massachusetts had also decided that today was the day to go apple picking.


2013-09-28 14.43.10-2

The place is huge though with plenty of space to lounge around and enjoy the day. We saw a lot of families picnicking and enjoying bottles of wine and cheese. We were jealous and wished we had more time 🙁

2013-09-28 14.42.46

So in addition to the apple picking, one of the main attractions of this place is their amazing winery. They make ALOT of wine. For $10, you can do the tour of the winery, and for $5 you can do the wine/beer/spirits tasting. Because this place was completely packed, we decided that the most time-efficient thing to do would be the tasting. Plus, we really just wanted to get to the alcohol as quick as possible. We aren’t bothered by unnecessary distractions.

This was their beer tasting bar. I got a cider sample…not my favorite.

2013-09-28 14.13.05

Moving on. So for $5, you get 5 sampling tickets and this really fancy wine glass! Mine broke on the way home though and Selma was the most sad.

2013-09-28 14.22.38

Also, I don’t really know if there is a “good” time of the day/week to go. This place is apparently always crazy around this time of year. It reminded me of being in a crowded frat party waiting to get beer from the only keg in the house..but slightly more classy. However, there was also a wedding going on so that may have been why the place was unusually full…but I doubt it. Regardless, we were able to push our way through and get our drank on. We sampled a lot of their fruity wines and ended up getting a few bottles because they were so delicious. Also, go early though if you want cider donuts. They sold out by the time we got there. Sad.

By the way, their blueberry wine is fantastic.

2013-09-29 17.25.40

2013-09-28 14.42.39

Now onto the main attraction! They had a variety of apples to choose from including McIntosh, Cortland, and a bunch others that I’ve never heard of before in my life. The apples are $15 for a peck and $25 for a 1/2 bushel. I originally got the 1/2 bushel bag but Selma pointed out that we didn’t need 50 apples so I returned it for the peck bag. Needless to say the lady at the register was not happy with me. But whatever, she should learn to be a nicer person in life.

2013-09-28 15.07.12

2013-09-28 14.52.33

Most of the low hanging fruit had already been picked so I made the girl climb up to get some good ones while I ate apples and took pictures (I’m kidding, she wears the pants in the relationship).

2013-09-28 14.53.31

You’re also not supposed to climb the trees…oops. 2013-09-28 14.54.30

We also stumbled upon their vineyard so we helped ourselves to some grapes even though we probably weren’t supposed to…oops again.

2013-09-28 15.07.21  2013-09-28 15.08.07 2013-09-28 15.08.34

We ended up getting a variety of apples for eating and baking (more on that soon!) but now we couldn’t tell you which is which. They all look the same to me.

2013-09-28 17.30.03

All in all, it turned out to be a lot of fun. We got some delicious wines and apples and enjoyed the beautiful New England weather. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for more of an adult oriented apple picking experience…or a wedding venue! We will definitely be back next year!

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