Burger + Beer Tuesdays

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Over the summer when we lived in Allston, we would find any and every excuse not to cook in our condemned apartment. Because we lived next door to The Draft, we partook in their Burger + Beer special every Tuesday night. For only $6.99 (it used to be $5.99 back in the day), you get a delicious burger AND a beer. Win. And if you’re really thirsty/hungry, you can get another burger + beer combo instead of buying just a beer for $5.

Here is a picture from one of our many visits to The Draft. This is their turkey burger with pepperjack and a Down East Cider.


Though we’ve moved on from Allston, we still try to carry on our Tuesday Burger + Beer tradition at home every week.



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Sometimes we even get fancy and add bacon and broccoli.


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