Harpoon Brewery Tour!

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This past weekend, Selma and I joined some of my co-workers for a tour of the Harpoon Brewery. They have changed their entire layout since the last time I was there and they now have a huge beer hall complete with a fresh pretzel making station! They do tours on the weekends starting from 11am leaving every half hour. I would highly suggest going early (right at 11am) or sending someone to get tickets before they sell out (in this case, I combined my morning ride with picking up tickets). They almost always sell out before 1pm. The tour costs $5 and comes with beer tastings, which if you do it right, you can easily drink your moneys worth.


So when you start the tour, they make you wear safety goggles as you walk through the brewery (didnt get a picture 🙁 sorry). After explaining their history and how they came to be, they show you the hops and malts they use as well as explain the process of how their beer is made.


Next, they bring you to the part of the tour that everyone looks forward to..the tasting room. Here they let you sample most of their standard beers as well as some seasonal selections. Now having been here many times before in my youth, i’ve picked up on some trade secrets in terms of making delicious combinations with their beers (this is also how they know its not your first rodeo). My favorites are the Ruby Red: Leviathan IPA + cider and The Storm Trooper: Leviathan IPA + UFO White.

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Here’s Selma getting her drank on.


And finally, the light at the end of the tunnel – fresh hot pretzels. The pretzel factory is a new addition to their beer hall and is well worth the $4 for a pretzel and 2 dipping sauces (we got 2, that’s how we roll). We would recommend choosing the spinach dip, ale mustard, bacon ranch, and IPA cheese for dipping sauces. Selma really enjoyed combining the spinach dip + bacon ranch.



Finally, we got a pumpkin cider and pumpkin UFO to finish off our tour. All in all, we had a blast and will definitely have to come back for the pretzels again.




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